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Heading to class in Versace, Miu Miu and Jean Paul Gaultier may not be something you are regularly accustomed to. However, the same cannot be said for the stylish high schoolers in Euphoria. Since 2019, the HBO show has sparked a fashion movement with members of Generation Z dressing in bold and over the top aesthetics. As season two hits our television screens, Vogue describes the clothes as ‘tighter, shorter, and blingier than ever’. TikTok users have taken to the app sharing their renditions of ‘Euphoria High School’ outfits. As creators satirise the show’s adoration of risqué fashion, one cannot help but wonder how the style translates into reality? 


In keeping with current runway trends, costume designer Heidi Biven utilises the early noughties aesthetic to create Maddy Perez’s cool-girl persona. Throughout the show, Maddy dawns sexy cut-outs, crop tops, cowl necklines and faux fur collars. The character’s most sought after outfits include the iconic black cut-out dress from AKNA and the purple I AM GIA cut-out bra and trouser co-ord. Celebrities and influencers such as Olivia Neill, have been spotted wearing such trends, solidifying Maddy as the ultimate it-girl. However such adaptations are not solely for the Instagram elite. 

For classic 2000s staples, ASOS has you covered. Their ‘cut out mini dress in black’ paired with white strappy heels will have you channelling your inner it-girl. For a more casual look, pair the ‘faux fur cardigan in black’ from New Look with low rise jeans and chunky black heels for pared-back glamour.  

Hyper Feminine

Cassie’s fashion this season has provided inspiration for some of the most memorable moments of the show including the hilarious Oklahoma scene. Her aesthetic shifts dramatically from one scene to another as she tries everything to gain Nate Jacob’s attention. Despite the unpredictable nature of her style, her outfits remain extremely feminine. The character wears light hues like baby blue and pink, while showing off floral prints, soft knitwear and light wash denim.  

To get this look, pair a cute cardigan such as the Hollister ‘cinch front top in pink’ with light-wash mom jeans. Complete the outfit with white dainty heels and a small handbag like the ‘Kez croc shoulder bag’ from Urban Outfitters. Another Classic Cassie look is the now infamous pink swimsuit moment. The swimsuit became so popular after the episode aired, it now has a 500 person waiting list! Lucky for us Ann Summers have a dupe simply named ‘The Euphoria Swimsuit’ available for only €40. 


Rue Bennett may be the protagonist, however, her style remains underrated. Unlike Maddy and Cassie, Rue’s clothes are not necessarily eye-catching and certainly not glamorous. Her personal style is rather dark and grungy, reflective of her grief and substance abuse. As Zendaya’s character grapples with the loss of her dad and crippling drug addiction, her clothes act as a source of comfort and help her blend into the crowd. Her father’s burgundy hoodie and her favourite high top converse have become synonymous with her identity. 

To dabble in the grunge trend, Rue’s burgundy zip-up hoodie is a must-have. Topman and Pretty Little Thing have many great options. Pair the top with ‘loose-fitting cargo trousers’ from Zara and finish the look with classic Chuck Taylor’s. 


Another character whose style often goes unnoticed is that of Lexie Howard. Her clothes are not the most dramatic but they are definitely worth our attention. Lexi’s personal style is a perfect amalgamation of Blair Waldorf and Spencer Hastings. Combining NYC preppiness with twee, her conservative style is in stark contrast to her sister Cassie and the glitz and glam of classic Euphoria style. 

To channel Lexie’s preppy vibe, invest in an argyle jumper such as the ‘blue vanilla argyle jumper’ from New Look. Grey fitted trousers go perfectly with this look along with the Monki ‘faux leather loafers’. Finish the outfit with a navy hair bow for an authentically preppy moment.       

When you think of Euphoria images of glitter, sparkles and over the top outfits spring to mind. While this aesthetic rings true with characters like Maddy and Cassie, the often overlooked Rue and Lexi provide wearable style inspiration. The vast cultural impact of Euphoria has led to many new fashion trends. These can be intimidating and force you out of your comfort zone. Hopefully, you now feel more inspired to take a risk and embrace some racy cut-out trousers or a bright hair bow!   

My name is Abigail. I am a communications student and this year I am the first year rep for HerCampus DCU. My interests range from fashion and beauty to mental health and gender equality.
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