How to Incorporate Spring Colours into Your Wardrobe

Trends are constantly coming and going in the fashion world. Whether its snake skin, neon or tartan. Everything is constantly changing. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with it all. We’re all guilty of wearing black, season in and season out. But now that spring is starting to peak through, and we are starting to see the back of those long, dark, grey winter evenings, it can only mean one thing: it’s time to bust out some colour. 


Even for those of us who wear head-to-toe black for every occasion, there are always ways to incorporate colour, that will not leave you breathing heavily into a paper bag. And won’t have you diving head first into this season’s neon trend – I don’t think anyone was ready for that. With some subtle additions of colour to your look, you’ll be spring/summer ready in no time. 


  1. Make A Statement With A Bag 

No need to go splashing the cash on a luxury designer bag in Brown Thomas. Grab your everyday bag and tie a cute, colourful scarf to the handle, and you’re sorted without breaking the bank. 

Otherwise, pick up an affordable bag that can be very wearable, but still provides a pop of colour. 


  1. Earrings That Pop 

Along with a statement bag, a bright, colourful pair of earrings can change a look from on-my-way-to-a-funeral to a fun, stylish college outfit. Whether its coral, lilac or lemon, they’re sure to add that pop that everyone needs. 

  1. Do You Want Some Mustard on That? 

The colour of the spring this year is mustard – a muted, dark shade of yellow that can be an easy addition to a wardrobe. Give it a go. 

  1. Let Your Shoes Do the Talking 

Investing in even just one pair of bright-coloured shoes can bring a fun twist to your wardrobe all spring and summer long. If you already thrive on black or neutral colours, they’ll go with everything you own, and can give you a little something different. 

  1. Go on An Adventure with Your Nails 

Perhaps the most-simple way to incorporate colour into your life this spring is with a bright nail colour. Try one of the of-the-moment nail colours like a vibrant coral, a mint green, or a steel blue.