A father is a daughters first love

When growing up, the first love that a daughter will have is for her father. Within this relationship a bond exists that is undeniably strong and founded on endless support and care. 

Many of us understand what it's like to be a ‘Daddy’s Girl’ and to be able to get our own way no matter what, as a child all you had to do was flash that cute little smile and act like the princess that you are, and you could get whatever it was that you wanted. 

 If I was ever on the hunt for money to fund my Claire’s Accessories addiction, Dad was the first person to go to. 

For me though, the idea of a father being a daughters first love extends far beyond the materialistic idea of being able to easily whatever it is that you want. A father’s love is boundless, and they are someone who will go above and beyond to provide for you, support you and be there for you no matter what. When we are younger we don’t fully understand this, we just know that we love our father and that they will be there for us no matter how bold we are or what we do.  

Now that we are older we can appreciate the love that our fathers provided us with and recognise everything that they may have sacrificed to help us get on in life. I know my own Dad has put many of his dreams on hold (including revamping his classic 1980’s Lambretta scooter, sorry Dad…) to ensure that me and my family were always provided for and that we lived lives of comfort and never went without. This sheer sacrifice and selflessness all comes part and parcel with a father’s love. 

A strong childhood memory of mine was when I was only about eight years old and my younger sister, only four years old at the time, informed my family that she planned on marrying our Dad when she was older, no other boy clearly lived up to the standards that he set. At the time, we all found it hilarious and adorable that she thought this could even happen, but looking back, its very reflective of the notion that a father is a daughters first love.  

I think that going into the future the expectations in my mind are set high for what I think a father should be like and the qualities a father should possess. A daughters first love is her father, and as both we and our fathers grow older, this love will continue to flourish.  

Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash