A Different Kind of Face Mask

Since COVID-19 captured the attention of the world and sent us all tumbling into lockdown, niche anomalies have crept into everyday life. From baking banana bread to living room workouts, we thought we had seen it all, that was until Coronavirus couture made its debut.  


If you’re stuck at home your regular fashion statements have most likely consisted of hoodies, slippers and the same pair of leggings that you’ve been wearing for three days. If you have ventured outside the front door (or scrolled through Instagram stories looking at other people who have) you might have taken note of the colourful face masks people are wearing to ward off the virus. 


While it’s debated how effective face masks are at preventing you catching the virus, face masks are here and they are here to stay. I personally would have always associated face masks with surgeons or citizens of smog filled cities but odds are you’ll find someone wearing one at your local Centra. 


If plain white surgical face masks aren’t particularly your vibe then see below for some Coronavirus couture inspo to help you stand out from the crowd. But do try to stay away from crowded areas. 


For those looking for a quick colour change, Amazon are currently selling colourful face masks made from polyester for £2.55 each. They are described as “fashion design mouth mask(s)” and are to make you “different from others”. While the designs available aren’t particularly eye catching, they are a change from more dull alternatives. Watch out for the added £6.09 shipping fee though.  


For those looking to have a face mask that co-ordinates with their outfits then Matrushka has got you covered. The Los Angeles based boutique is creating face masks from cotton scraps off other garments. The print designs are a lot more kitsch and psychedelic than the Amazon offerings, though rainbow cats can be a hard look to pull off. 


Matrushka are vowing to donate a face mask to hospitals local them for every mask purchased. The masks are retailed at $10.78, are made to order and under normal circumstances take two weeks to be delivered. 


Maison Modulare’s French lace face mask is for those who live by high fashion standards. Luckily for you the $60 face mask has since sold out and that is quite frankly a blessing. Despite being perfectly crafted in French lace, the mask is clinical, cold and downright ugly. It’s no more special than the Amazon “fashion designs”. 


Considering that most people are experiencing financial compromises, buying these novelty face masks isn’t an option. However former Project Runway winner Erin Robertson has posted an easy to follow face mask making tutorial online.  


Using colourful scrap material, similar to Matrushka, Robertson’s step by step is clear, concise, helpful and informative. Robertson has also recommended that you use 100% cotton when making your custom face masks. 


Bottom line is, whether you are purposefully wearing a face mask for the safety of others or just as a fashion statement, respect social distancing at all times.