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Crystals For Exam Season

Crystals and stones have been used for centuries by ancient civilians such as the Romans, Greek and Egyptians for their healing and energy transformation. They contain powerful, positive vibrations that help repel negative energy and bring the users to a state of peace, and many of our ancestors believed that they could be used for healing the energy of the earth.

Each crystal is different and is believed to have a different effect on our minds and bodies, and their energy is said to originate from the way their molecules and atoms move and interact. These energies, or vibrations, can then impact the human body and mind transforming our energy. As our bodies are electromagnetic, dynamic organisms and we have spiritual energy flowing through us affecting our physical, emotional and mental state. Crystals offer a means to direct that flow of energy and transform our vibrations towards a positive direction when used correctly, and with the right intentions in mind.

When it comes to exam season this is no exception! Using particular crystals to help with certain aspects of your final stretch of the semester is a unique way to boost your mood, focus and concentration, and repel negative feelings that come along with exam season:


This is a beautiful stone used frequently by many crystal users and energy healers. It's a protective, purifying stone used to bring about serenity and a sense of calm. It's powerful vibrations repel stressful energies and anxiety.

I recommend using Amethyst under your pillow at night, or placed near your bed to help your sleep soundly and calmly during exam season.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is known as the most universal crystal because it actually amplifies the vibrations of all other crystals it's used with, as well as also repelling negativity and improving focus.

I recommend using this on days where you're finding it hard to concentrate on assignments or while studying.


This is the perfect crystal to keep you motivated, prevent crumbling under pressure and to stop procrastination. It also has great stress-relieving properties.

I recommend using Fluorite during those last final days where you'll find it the hardest to push through college work.

Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline is great for concentration, creativity and motivation. It helps with productivity and decluttering the mind to help you get. it. done.

I recommend using this on those days where you need some creative inspiration


Citrine is a solar crystal emitting beautiful and positive vibrations. It's used to strengthen self-esteem and promote a vibrant and warm energy. 

I recommend using Citrine on those days you feel a bit blue, and start to doubt your abilities (academically or otherwise).

Tiger Eye

The Tiger Eye crystal is a fitting name as it promotes determination, passion and diligence. It quite literally helps light that fire to help push you to thrive. It will also help repel anxiety, and bring a sense of calm.

I recommend using Tiger Eye on those days where you feel burn-out in full effect and are finding exam season too demanding and draining.

Remember not to use too many crystals at the same time as the vibrations may all be too much, and your intentions when using crystals are just as important as the crystals you use.

Crystals are easily accessible in Ireland through larger companies such as Crystal Earth, and smaller businesses such as @essence.of.athena on Instagram.

Happy healing, and best of luck during exam season!

DCU Communication Studies 1/2 of the Her Campus P.R.O Team
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