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Best Skincare Products to Beat the Cold Weather

Coming into the Winter months, it’s vital to look after your skin. The cold and damp weather can have a lasting effect on your face, especially when you’re young. Investing in proper high-end skincare will be much more valuable to you than investing in high-end make up. After all, we’re aware that when you have a good skin day, makeup sits on your face better, or you may not even feel the need to stick some makeup on at all. Here are the best Winter skincare products:


Eye cream:

No, you don’t have to use anti-wrinkle cream, relax. Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado retails at €44 for a 28ml tub, or you can buy smaller pots for cheaper. I have been using this for years, and when it comes to the winter months, it’s the only eye cream I find myself returning to consistently. You simply take the smallest amount and warm it up on your finger tip, and then apply it from the outer part of your eye towards to inner part (to prevent wrinkles and pulling of the skin.)


Facial Moisturiser:

Clinique Moisture Surge retails at around €43 for a 50ml tub. This will essentially last you an entire year. To rationalise spending this amount of money on a facial moisturiser, if you divide €43 by 12 (months), it ends up at about €3.58 per month. That is so worth the money considering you will end up with flawless, moisturised and soft skin.


Rose Water:

You can buy this in any health store. It’s an all-round necessity for your skin. It’s anti-inflammatory, it lessens redness, it’s extremely hydrating, antibacterial, and has antioxidant properties also. Not to mention it’s widely available and extremely cheap. If you’re thinking of switching up your skincare routine in any way, rose water is a harmless addition to your collection.


Face Masks:

Lush have so many organic, homemade, natural face masks that you can even replicate at home. They each have different properties to them which benefit your skin in various ways, and they provide you with a tub which can be used two or three times, if you’re a bit stingy with pasting the whole thing all over your face in one sitting, like myself.



Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser is pH balanced and suitable for all skin types. Furthermore, it’s one of Kiehl’s best sellers. Retailing between €7 and €15 depending on the size you want, it’s extremely affordable for what you’re actually getting. Kiehl’s undoubtedly on the expensive side of skincare products, however they really are renowned for being one of the best skincare companies in the world.

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