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Since entering the wild and wonderful world of sex and becoming sexually active, have you ever felt the need to fake an orgasm? Is your sex life feeling a little stale, or are you feeling confused as to what you actually like in bed? You are not alone.

Women need to have the right balance of clitoral and mental stimulation to achieve orgasm, and this can be a complex and often laborious process for a partner to achieve if you are not already aware of what turns you on. 

Sex toys are an amazing way of allowing women to explore their bodies and hit upon the right pleasure points to increase your enjoyment in bed. However, as a beginner it can be daunting to navigate the huge variety of toys and tools, between size, function and intensity. Here is your beginner’s guide to the world of sex toys!


Fail to prepare? Prepare to fail. While sex is wonderful, it can be made infinitely better with lube. Thankfully we are living in a time where using lube isn’t as much of a taboo, and it is certainly not indicative of not being physically or emotionally interested in what's about to go down. The truth is, it can take a while for your body and your mind to get on the same page, and while masturbating you do not have the added benefit of a partner stimulating other areas of your body.

Worrying about your vagina being too dry or too painful to take a dildo or vibrator is guaranteed to take your mind off the pleasure you should be experiencing, so a shop-bought water based lube is a safe bet. It can be used for penetrative sex, masturbation and sex toy play, are ideal for people with sensitive skin and are really easy to clean out of sheets. For first time users of sex-toys, it’s a useful tool for the toolbox. 


Bullet Vibrator

These discreet vibrators are tiny but powerful, and their shape is ideal for direct clitoral stimulation, something many women find they require in order to reach orgasm. They are fantastic for beginners’ solo play as a first-time toy. Their small shape means they’re very useful to add additional clitoral stimulation during intercourse, so they won’t get in the way! However, if you prefer internal stimulation or penetration, a classic vibrator or a rabbit may suit you better. 


Rabbit Vibrator

The rabbit is a 2-in-1, whose dual stimulation features the traditional shaft shape for internal penetration and the famous ‘rabbit ears’ fit snugly around your clitoris. With many modern versions offering varying speeds and intensity of vibration as well as shapes and curvature, it’s no wonder the ladies of Sex and the City brought this iconic toy firmly into popularity. 


Wand Vibrator

This is a classic, quintessential sex toy, and it’s stood the test of time for a reason! While their typically large size may seem off-putting at first, using the right lubricant and making use of their external features as will as for penetration will make for amazing masturbation! Many come with variable speeds, so you can start off slow and steady instead of going in with all guns blazing, making for amazing masturbation and fun use with a partner too.



When you think of a classic sex-toy, this is probably the first that springs to mind. Popular culture doesn’t market dildos to be particularly friendly, but this toy is perfect for women who prefer internal as opposed to external stimulation. There are soooo many different lengths, girths and textures available to suit your needs, and many dildos also have vibrating features to really pack a punch! 

You can find a wide variety of lubricants, sex toys and more on websites such as Anne Summers, LoveHoney, SexSiopa and PlayBlue. Enjoy!

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