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Autumn Fashion

It’s getting colder, but don’t let that stop you looking great! There are plenty of ways to stay fashionable in the autumn months, so fall in love with some of these looks!


Wide-brimmed hat

This fashion staple will flawlessly fit with most styles, from leather to knitwear. It’s also available in a range of other colours, including burgundy, which is one of the colour favourites this season. This can be worn with daytime and nighttime looks, and as long as you don’t mind some mild hat-hair – it looks great! Although be warned, wide-brimmed hats aren’t always the best choice on a windy day.


Checkered trousers

One of the biggest trends this year has been the checkered skirt. In other words, a school-girl style that looks adorable on anyone! But as it gets colder, swap the school style for a more mature business-casual such as checkered trousers. Pair it with a black roll-neck shirt or a more casual tee and you’ll be cosy but look fabulous at any event. Whether you prefer tapered, straight-leg or cropped trousers, there are options for everyone. 



Try something different this year by pairing your jumper with a long pleated skirt, leather trousers or over a bodycon dress; that way you’ll be making a boring jumper into a brand new look!


Colour panel jacket

For a more casual look, you can pair your favourite ripped jeans with a colour panel jacket. These oversize coats give out a really cool vibe, and add some bright colour to a season where everything else is a bit grey. Boots or trainers complement this outfit, and the jackets can be found in loads of different colours so your style will always look unique.


Checkered knee-length coat

Another coat option since you don’t want to wear the same one every day! This style of the coat comes in many variations and patterns, but the most common colours are grey and dark yellow. The material can be quite thin in some stores, but for autumn I recommend finding a woollen or warmer type; so make sure to check the composition before you buy!



Keep your toes toasty with some boots this autumn. Whether you prefer shoes with some heel or want to keep your feet flat on the ground, most clothing stores will have a range of boots for all budgets. Some of this year’s favourites are maroon suede boots or work-style heeled boots.

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