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Pssst! I have a secret. Sometimes I don’t wash my hair. Ew, right? Wrong! Read along to find out if my hygiene standards are questionable.

As I schlepped unceremoniously into my 8:30 (on a verge of one of those all too often “Hell Week” scream cries), I ran a hand through my hair. To my horror, there was enough grease in there to give Danny Zuko a run for his musical money.

Now, it’s not that I don’t bathe regularly. I swear I do. But everyone has those Davidson weeks when showering is the least of your concerns.

Lucky for me, I just happen to have one of those Mary Poppin’s never-ending carpet bags. So besides my industrial sized red stapler, a yo-yo, and a copy of “Jumanji” on VHS, I just so happened to have a can of “Psssst!” dry shampoo lying about. Five sprays and a class of semi-irritated upperclassmen giving the freshman who just turned a Chamber’s classroom into her dysfunctional beauty salon later, I went from a greasy and regrettable hair day to a fresh and fabulous Garnier Fructis commercial.

If you’re a college student who hasn’t at least once missed a shower (or two, I don’t judge), you are either not human or you’re a better person than I am. Whether it’s because the shoddy shower heads decided to spew tepid water or because you’ve been chained up in the dungeon *cough* basement library for a week, everyone has one of those non-shower “dry spells.”

 But if you’d like to keep your hair looking like you’re a normally bathed, fully functioning member of society without the hassle-tassle of donning your flip flops and making the long catwalk to your communal shower, then here are four reasons why dry shampoo is for you.

1. Washing your hair every day is bad for it

I had this conversation a long time ago with Barbara, my hair lady. (Off topic, but can we talk about the fact that her name is Barbara and she’s a “barber”?) Anyways, Barbara, in her infinite wisdom, explained to me that washing your hair every day strips it of its natural, healthy oils and can, over time, leave your hair lacking luster, volume, and moisture. So skipping a shampoo every once and awhile is actually better than washing it to pieces every day. On the days that you’re in between washes, dry shampoo is a great alternative to soaking up any residual grease you might have.

2. Turn up the volume

So my hair can sometimes get a little flat on top, which usually results in my looking like one of those King Charles spaniels and frankly, it ain’t really a “bitchin” look for me, ya feel? I’ve found that dry shampoo can really pump up the volume for my hair type. I just spray a little at the base of my crown and at the back, and I go from Kansas countryside flat to California girl hilly. (I realize these metaphors are atrocious, but please, humor me).

3. It smells great:

We’ve all left F at one point or another and realized on that walk back up the hill that our hair smells like a nauseous combination of beer, cigarettes, Frat boy cologne, and bad decisions. Dry shampoo comes in a variety of pleasant smells and usually can cleanse the “Tiffany puked near me” smell from your hair.

4. Age Yourself:


Dry shampoo can, when used entirely incorrectly, make your hair white temporarily. A hack which can come in handy when you need to age yourself quick to get into that Charlotte jazz bar that won’t let you in (even when you aren’t even there to drink, I just want to pretend like I’m part of the cast of La La Land alright?) or if you decide to dress up like Alexander Hamilton for Halloween.  Just spray really close to your scalp and slightly more than recommended and voila, you’re 60. 

Over here at Davidson, we’ve been loving Psssst’s Tropical Instant Dry Shampoo Spray for our quick hair fixes ($6.99 at Ulta). Head on over to our Instagram (@hercampusdavidson) to see what other Spring Break essentials we got in our Survival Kit! 

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