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Winter Study Breaks: ‘Tis the Season to Procrastinate

This time of year can get pretty crazy, but here are some strategies for taking a quick break and enjoying this season of cheer and merriment!

1. Drink tea and enjoy the twinkle lights outside of your dorm window.

Dem lights doe

2. Turn on some holiday tunes and have a personal jam session with Mariah.

…to dance!

3. Bake some cookies!

Me? Stressed? No.  Why do you ask? Ha.  Haha.  Hahahahahahahahaaaaa

4. Eat the cookies!

Start by daintily taste-testing.

Then finish off right.

5. Probably the best idea is to eat them while watching Holiday specials (ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas, anyone?) (22 minutes of Charlie Brown??) (The answer to both is yes…free answers during finals week!)

Alllll the holiday specials!

6. Dream of sugerplum fairies and Walking Dead zombies before waking up in clod sweats realizing watching both shows last night as procrastination might not have been a great idea…

I’m still in awe that I found this gif…this was basically my dream.

7. Make a blanket fort and pull in extra blankets, a cuddle buddy (even if it’s your stuffed best friend from childhood) and watch TV, read an easy book, or a good magazine.  Bonus points if you journal your stress out.


8. Find a Christmas tree.  Find hot chocolate.  Smell.  Sip.  Need I say more?

This relaxes me just watching such delicious beauty

9. Christmas/Holiday themed TV episodes.  Watch them, watch last year’s, watch the vintage ones.  Necessary tools: blanket, hot drink, no work for a few minutes.

My personal favorite is, of course, Arthur.  All of the holidays, all of the songs, and all of the comfort!

10. Hug a friend.  Furry or not.

Cry, hug, study, cry, hug, study etc. etc. etc. 

Please trust me, collegiettes: nothing is worth going crazy over.  Take a break, trust and forgive yourselves.  Be proud of all that you have accomplished.  You are doing more than enough, you are more than enough, and you killed this semester! 

A little obsessive about food blogs, books, Netflix, running, and obviously sleeping. It's not what you do, I say, but how you do it.
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