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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Davidson chapter.

As the first month of 2018 comes to a close (yes that’s right we are 1/12 of the way done with this year) I am disappointed at the presence of some pretty deplorable trends of the late 2017. I am confused, and angry all at the same time and can’t see why we, as participants of the fashion world, don’t want to leave these negative ~trends~ in the trash pile with the rest of 2017. So, if you have not stopped these following trends, here is one last warning, one last shred of hope, because the year is still young and you still have time to turn things around.

1. Crushed velvet: or honestly any kind of velvet. This is overdone and honestly unflattering on almost anyone. Leave velvet for the 3-year-olds who wear fun textured graphic tees from Baby Gap, please!

2. Any sort of bodysuit: I used to see the appeal of these- looks like a tucked in shirt without any of the drama of scrunched up cloth. But turns out this isn’t worth the severe wedgie that ensues.

3. Tiny sunglass: (@KimK) we are not in the matrix people!

4. Any sort of cliche festival fashion: you know exactly what I mean and I don’t even need to be specific. Thought this would die in 2017 when it was done in 2016 but alas we continue to slap flower crowns and excessive lace on everything.

5. Fishnets under jeans: was cute and edgy for like a hot second, next thing you know fishnets became publicly acceptable again. No.

6. Mixing corsets and T-shirts: need I say more… I mean I am all for the resurfacing of retro fashion but corsets are historically a torcher device for women why would we bring this one back????

7. Overly large logos on anything: I mean honestly you are just punishing yourself for buying an overly expensive shirt that is simply not cute that happens to read Calvin Klein, Supreme, Adidas or any other trendy oversized logo. You’re better than a walking advertisement. 

8. Chokers: there are so many better necklace options out there and it seems as though in 2017 we all went into this brainwashed faze that chokers are the only form of neck adornment.

9. Jean overalls: only functional or acceptable if you 12 years old or painting a house. 

10. Bomber jackets: had their run, were cute, but now that H&M, Zara, Forever 21 and the like have overdone them (with terrible logos on the back, might I add), they need to be left in 2017 as well.


Stay trendy, and leave the fashion cliches of 2017 where they belong!


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Davidson College Sophomore