Top 5 Reasons to Go on a Road Trip

1. Uninterrupted time with your friends

There's nothing like spending hours on end with your best buds in a small enclosed space; take advantage of it! If you're returning from your weekend getaway, this is the perfect time to reflect on all the fun memories you just shared. Laughter is practically guaranteed to abound. If my experience is any indication, sometimes the car ride is as fun as the trip itself!

2. A chance to prove you're actually a rap god

This is your chance, girl. Request that one song you know every word to and bask in the admiration of your peers. Additionally, ensure that you appoint a trusty car DJ. This is arguably the most important role in the road trip cast. 


If you're driving through the night, this is the perfect excuse to treat yo' self to your favorite caffeinated beverage. Your mom will be very glad someone is staying awake with the driver, plus you get to enjoy a treat as you cross state lines.

4. People watching

You'll likely be in the car for quite a while, so make some new friends! Wave at the exuberant truck driver and commiserate with the kids stuck in the backseat. 

5. Hidden gems

Enjoy the scenery! If you have time, map out local attractions before you hit the open road. Some of the best things America has to offer can be seen from the comfort of your air-conditioned vehicle. Win-win. 

One of America's roadside gems: the Peachoid Tower in Gaffney, South Carolina

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