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Top 5 Moments from Self-Selection at Davidson College

1. The flood of relief when your house finally knocked on your door

They say patience is a virtue. I, however, lacked this particular attribute on Self-Selection morning. My roommate and I rose from a fitful sleep only to spend more time anticipating the first cries of our visitors. We paced, peered out the windows, and counted down the minutes. In retrospect, the wait was worthwhile; there’s no feeling quite like being scooped up by your new buds.

2. Getting to know your new sisters by algorithm

Ah yes, the algorithm. A mysterious entity that determines your new affiliation. No matter if you get your first choice of eating house, you are guaranteed to meet lots of new friends. Whether you played games or bounced in a bouncy house, Saturday was a great opportunity to mix and mingle with your new sisters. Thanks to the magic of algorithm.

3. That nap break

Does this one even require explanation? Such excitement and pent-up energy can only be followed by a rejuvenating mid-afternoon nap. 

4. Your first Court Party as an Eating House member

I am a sucker for a good Court Party. Finally being a member of an Eating House only made the dancing sweeter. 

5. Toppings

Mustard, chocolate syrup, and paint? Oh, my! Whether you loved it or hated it, topping is a right of passage. I know the poignant scent of my hall’s bathroom won’t soon let us forget it. 

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