Ten Thoughts You Have at Your First Professional Conference

1. Wow, this is lonely. When does the programming start?  When do people get here?  

2. Please please please let my randomly assigned roommate be chill.


4. I'm sorry, you consider this food?

5. Yeah okay, the free stuff makes up for it.  

6. "Hi, my name is Madi. I'm an Educational Studies major at Davidson in North Carolina, originally from St. Paul, Minnesota, and placed in the DC region." x 1,000,000 conversations.

7. My team is literally the best, like who would even want to be sitting at the other tables when you could be sitting with these people?

8. I'm sorry, you consider this enough food?

9. So... do you um, like, go out?

10. So... after the program, wanna hit the hotel bar?

11. You're hosting a room party? #Lit

12.  We are the future professionals and leaders of America, CHEERS.

13. Seriously, you all might be best friends, we just like VIBE you know? I just love you all so much wow. <3 <3 <3 <3 

14. My whole body hurts and we have a whole day of being creative ahead of us.

15. Bless up for constant coffee. The adrenaline rush is definitely gone.

16. This wrap-up speech has me crying right now.

17. Your airport shuttle leaves when? 

18. No, sorry, you're not allowed to go away.

19. Yes, definitely we'll stay in touch. Here's my number!  

20. *Cries*

21. Shit, I still have my name tag on.

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