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Summer Movie Fun: Captain America: Civil War

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Davidson chapter.

Summer may be over, but its movies will be coming out to Blu-ray and DVD soon (and possibly on RLO movies, but we’ll wait and see). This Her Campus series will cover all the movies you may have missed over the summer, so you can figure out which ones to see.

Let’s start off with Captain America: Civil War. While the movie technically came out last semester, we didn’t have a chance to cover it, and it’s definitely worth the attention.

The movie was a huge success, but it would have been hard not to be with so many star actors. Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans stole the show, but the supporting cast was equally talented. The action sequences were great, with astounding fight choreography and realistic CGI. The plot was believable and brought up an intriguing moral conflict. The writing for the team was also more in character than in the last film, getting back to the core of the characters.

What the film did best was illustrating that both Ironman and Captain America’s sides had equal reason for fighting. Captain America is trying to defend his best friend, while Ironman is trying to keep the Avengers from falling apart. Both sides have moments of compromise, which showed that these characters are ultimately still friends, even in their disagreements. It almost seemed like the two would be reconciled before the final reveal, although I’ll leave you to see that bit on your own.

Not to mention that the Avengers team is slowly gaining in diversity. While the team started out as five white guys and a white woman, it now includes three black men and an Eastern European woman. It’s not perfect, as the team still lacks women of color, but the group’s variety is improving, even if a bit slowly.

The movie also allowed romance to take a back seat. While Captain America’s romance with Sharon Carter seemed forced, they only shared one real romantic scene and a single kiss. Ironman’s romance basically got dissolved, and the movie started to set up a romance between Vision and Scarlet Witch (which also occurs in the comics) but didn’t push it too hard. The film was far more interested in the friendships that were put to the test as a result of differing views.

Overall, the film was a great action movie, especially for those who are already fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is definitely worth a watch.

If you want to catch it soon, the Union Board is showing it on Belk Lawn on Saturday, September 10th from 9-11:30 p.m. There will be pizza and popcorn. The rain location is the 900 Room in the Union.

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