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The Star Wars Preview from an Expert

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Davidson chapter.




I have been watching Monday Night Football since its inception in 1970, BC (Before Cellphones) and I have never been more excited than on this past Monday, October 19th. I am a Giants fan living near Philadelphia, and I had tickets to the game that night. I found out on CNN in the morning that the new Star Wars preview (they aren’t trailers because they are shown before the movies) was going to be shown at halftime and that tickets would go on sale thereafter. I sold my tickets to the game so that I could be at home to see the preview and to have my phone in hand to purchase tickets. I was not disappointed! 


I saw the original Star Wars in May of 1977, BC and every one since that time. I am a true fan. (**Note from the author’s daughter: He loves Star Wars so much that he wrote a book about it.) I even have an autograph picture of Yoda in my office from Dagobah. I bet that you didn’t even know that Yoda could write but I have his autograph. So it goes without saying (but I just said it…why do people do that) that I would be excited for the new movie.

To you this may look like fear and sadness, but to me it looks like pure excitement. With a touch of hesitancy


Although excited, I was apprehensive since it would not be George doing it but Disney. Would it still be Star Wars? I was not positive based on the previous previews, but on Monday night, I became convinced. Not only has the Force been awakened in theaters, so too has my interest and excitement been awakened.  

Yes. Yes it will work

Now for details and a spoiler alert is not necessary. There is a female heroine, Rey. Without [sexist] views of her side boobs and instead of [more sexist] views of her butt, we just see her kicking ass. We now know that the black Stormtrooper, Finn, who we saw in the prior preview is not just an extra but the co-star who teams up with Rey in a dramatic scene where she helps him up. More is revealed about the new Sith Lord, Kylo Ren and his presumed link to Darth Vader. There are new droids, such as the BB-8, and new ships.

Change isn’t always bad

However, despite all of the new things, what the preview did was make me believe that what I will be watching is another Star Wars movie in the series and not something different because Disney is doing it. As Han said in a prior preview to Chewie, “we are home.” Watching the preview makes me believe that when I hear John Williams play the theme on December 17th (yes I already have tickets) I will be home. The Force not only awakens but it lives. 

You can see the preview here.