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Next Friday Night: Millstone Bake House

If you like bread, if you like cheese, you’re going to like Millstone Bake House & Provisions. Let’s rephrase that: you’re going to LOVE Millstone Bake House & Provisions.

Last year, Millstone Bake House opened on South Main Street (right next to Ben & Jerry’s and across from Flatiron). In the mornings, you can buy delicious pastries and other baked goods. At night, Millstone Bake House transforms into a wine and cheese venue with a delicious variety of foods and drinks.

When the opportunity to write a restaurant review came up in our last Her Campus meeting, we practically jumped out of our seats at the opportunity to return to our new favorite “girls night out” haunt.

As you walk into Millstone Bake House, you are immediately struck by the low key vibe. To order, you go up to the counter, and the stressful part of the night begins. Ordering at Millstone Bake House is a bit of a chaotic process because the menus are not organized in the most logical fashion (there are three different locations that list your dinner options), but that’s nothing compared to the frustration of trying to choose only one (or three…) things to eat.

Everything is delicious. So, do you choose something from their refrigerated cabinet of quiches and tarts, or do you look at their dinner menu, which changes daily? There’s also the chalkboard listing the types of cheeses, breads, and cold cuts you can pick for your custom cheese platter. Behind the counter, there are two shelves filled with over 10 different types of bread (yummy!). Then you’ve got to choose your dessert from the pastries and cakes on display.

Once we ordered, we sat at a date table inside the restaurant. We were given water glasses while we waited for our food to be served. On this particular trip to Millston Bake House, we ordered a massive cheese and bread platter and two desserts from the refrigerated case. In less than ten minutes, the cheese and meat platter came out artistically arranged on a pig-shaped cheese board. Our platter included small goat cheese truffles (covered in herbs and pepper), a sharp cheddar cheese, a strong bleu cheese, and mild salami. Apple wedges and a selection of freshly baked breads completed the arrangement. Everything tasted fresh. We loved it so much we had to ask for more bread to finish off every last piece of cheese.

After we finished the main course, the waitress brought out our desserts: four macaroons and an apple turnover. The desserts did not disappoint; the macaroons melted in our mouths and the apple turnover was sweet, buttery, and flaky. Although the meal was a bit pricey ($15-20 each) by the end of the meal we were both completely full and satisfied. Everyone who works there is friendly and helpful and the quality of the food is very high.

So, the next time you’re looking for a great date spot or just a place to eat with your friends, check out Millstone Bake House & Provisions. The process of choosing just one platter might get as complicated as choosing your classes on Webtree, but it’s definitely worth it!

Katie Gomulkiewicz considers herself a true Seattleite who functions best on rainy days with a cup of Starbucks coffee in hand. A senior at Davidson College, she studies psychology and English. However, Katie’s true passions are leopard print, Diet Coke, and poetry.
With my pale skin and curly hair, it might look like I spend all of my days in the library--which I totally could because I LOVE to read--but I promise I don't. I am an avid subscriber to Vogue, Lucky, and InStyle (you can infer my passion for shopping from that, right?). When I can't find what I want on the racks, I'll sew it myself. Elizabeth Taylor, Gregory Peck, Ingrid Bergman, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly are my style icons, not to mention stars in some of my favorite classic movies. Little Rock, AR native and Davidson, NC resident. Instagram - elaineruthb Twitter - @ElaineRuthBoe
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