How To Do All of Your Halloween Shopping At Northlake Mall

Ah Halloween, the time to wear whatever you want. Maybe you go solo or maybe you go all out with matching outfits with your friends. Either way, thinking of a costume is only half the battle. Unless you're lucky enough to find your outfit in the back of your closet (I'm looking at you, "ninjas" wearing all black and "athletes" in your Steph Curry jerseys) the shopping can be a struggle. The worst part is, you'll probably end up needing at least two costumes, and doing all of that shopping online can add up in shipping costs. Luckily, there are some great stores at Northlake mall that stock all you need for bomb costumes.

1) Charlotte Russe

The bargain clothing mecca did not disappoint for Halloween this year. They've got great starter pieces for costumes along with unique accessory kits. Top pics: the Space Bae Costume Set and the Embellished Cat Ears

2) Forever 21

If your attitude about Halloween costumes leans less towards accessories and more towards you-only-wear-it-once statement pieces, this store is perfect for you. They've got bodysuits galore, and tons of funky fabrics like shag fur and sequins. My favorites: the Fringe Maxi Skort and the Ombre Sequin Halter Bodysuit

3) Claire’s

As always, Claire's is great for the finishing touches of an outfit. They've got face tattoos that make costume makeup super easy, and great wigs to pull it all together. I loved the Lilac Tinsel Wig and the Leopard Face Tattoos

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