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How Beyonce Stole the Super Bowl Halftime Show

If you, like me, only get excited for the Super Bowl for its commercials, and more importantly, its halftime show, then the announcement that Beyonce would once again grace the field probably got you a little excited (read: VERY excited). In typical dramatic Queen B fashion, she dropped a new music video, “Formation,” the day before–just enough time to memorize every word, right? If you haven’t watched the video yet, who are you? (Go watch it now. Now! Stop embarrassing yourself.)

As if this surprised anyone, Beyonce slayed the performance. I’m still not over it. Which is why I need to share my thoughts about the show second by hair-flipping second.

Coldplay was nice, and Bruno Mars’s dance moves during “Uptown Funk” were impressive, but let’s be real, the moment the female drummers parted to reveal Beyonce, that was it.

The anticipation was real. 

And then she started dancing.

And doing what she does best.

At which point I forgot who Chris Martin and Bruno Mars were. 

That smile. That sass. 

Bruno Mars came back, which seemed to motivate Beyonce’s competitive side during the ensuing dance off.

As well as heighten the sass. Hot damn indeed. 

And then Chris Martin had to come back onstage to remind us that he was the main performer of the night. 

But we’ll all remember who really owned the stage.

In Bey’s own words, “Cause I slay.

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