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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Davidson chapter.

Winter is coming. And by that, I mean April 6th is coming. After three seasons on HBO, Game of Thrones still confounds its five million (give or take a few) viewers with its enormous cast and intricate plotlines. Coincidentally, Davidson’s eating houses have been confusing just as many people for similar reasons since 1977. To help you better understand one – or the other – or both – here’s a handy list of comparisons:

WARNER HALL – House Lannister, “Hear Me Roar”

Warner Hall, Warner Hall, all for one and one for all. Warner girls are like Lannisters in that they are all passionate about their house, but diverse in how they express it. Unfortunately, not everyone can be Tyrion, and thankfully, not everyone can be Cersei. According to inside sources, this sort of dichotomy has been known to lead to some infighting among Weeblies in the past. Warner is also almost universally considered a pretty classy, upscale bunch. And, as recent recipients of the PCC Award for Best Eating House, Warner appropriately has metaphorical possession of the Iron Throne at King’s Landing.

CONNOR HOUSE – House Targaryen, “Fire and Blood”

No, not because they’re tyrannical overlords who have intruded on our homeland. House Targaryen motto: “Fire and Blood.” Connor House motto: “Barbecue Sauce and Ketchup.” They’ve also got a pretty strong connection with Phi Delta Theta, which would definitely be Dothraki, as evidenced by their greasy, mostly-nakedness on self-selection night. And let’s be real, if any house on the court were to have dragons, it would probably be Connor. Those girls are badass – especially when it comes to raising money for breast cancer research. And we won’t even bring up the blonde thing.

TURNER HOUSE – House Martell, “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken.”

Like House Martell way over in the kingdom of Dorne, Turner sits by itself on a hill on the other side of the court. They’re over there doing their own thing, and who knows what “their own thing” is…(hint: it’s Nutella). And Turner themes its biggest annual sisterhood “Pretty Pretty Princess,” which totally makes sense because rulers of Dorne go by Prince or Princess, rather than Lord or Lady like the other kingdoms. “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” – Turner is generally pretty insular and likes it that way.

RUSK HOUSE– House Stark, “Winter is Coming”

Rusk is typically known for being full of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. They’re awesome. At least half of my favorite people are Ruskies. You know who else is noble and awesome and adored by yours truly? House Stark. And, just like House Stark, Rusk is probably the eating house most likely to be ambushed and brutally slaughtered. RIP cow on the back porch. Direwolves are kind of like glorified cows, right? Hodor.


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