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Five Style Pointers from the Real Olivia P.

I began planning my wedding at the ripe old age of nine years old, after having witnessed the glorious cinematic masterpiece known as The Wedding Planner. My mildly concerning obsession with the “Big Day,” which ironically took place long before puberty introduced the concept of “crushes” or “boyfriends” (explaining why my future husband never attended these early ceremonies), manifested in photo collages of flowers, cakes, and more flowers. And of course the dress, which, in retrospect, looked like it could share family ties with a cupcake.

All of this is to say, my imaginary wedding certainly did not begin and end with a white sweater and casual ponytail. And yet, this is exactly the approach adopted by fashion blogger, model, and reality TV star Olivia Palermo for her [real] dream wedding to model and Angel Descended from Heaven Johannes Huebl.

How did she do it, you ask? In order to answer this question, I retraced Palermo’s style trajectory in an attempt to glean some tips from her manicured appearance and daily fashion statements. Look below for the verdict: 

Style Lesson One:

Incorporate a variety of lengths. High boots allow a mini skirt to appear simultaneously appropriate and daring. 

Style Lesson Two:

Who said scarves are only for necks? Shoulders get cold too…

Let bold prints accent a neutral coat or dress. Just change the scarf for an entirely different look that will keep your favorite staple (is over-worn even a thing?) new and interesting. 

Style Lesson Three:

Pair printed pants or leggings with a solid neutral on top to achieve a balance between statement and everyday.

Style Lesson Four:

Jean + Jean = good.

Jean + Jean + Fur + Print = even better. 

Style Lesson Five:

White is a good base for polka dots, color flashes, and statement jewelry. Or all three. Your choice. 

I already have the slogan prepared for when Palermo inevitably trademarks her style (is that even possible?):

Olivia Palermo: Embodying the contradiction of traditional and inventive since 1986.


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