Disney-Crazed Girl Reviews Beauty & the Beast

As a die-hard Disney fan, I had high expectations for the live action Beauty and the Beast. Growing up, Belle was my hero; she was French, she was beautiful, and she played a heroine role rather than taking the back seat as we find many Disney princesses do.

But Disney pulled out all the stops. The music was brilliant, they cast each actor perfectly, and I somehow experienced every emotion possible in the span of 129 minutes. Here are the top five best ~traits~ and components of the movie (don’t worry I don't spoil anything!):


5. Costumes and make-up:

From every single one of Emma Watson’s gorgeous dresses to the Beast’s rags and his final transformation the costumes were brilliantly executed and tied this version back to the original story really well.

4. The Soundtrack:

All of the classics were brilliantly executed with some new renditions. I think I said, “oh this is my favorite song” at the beginning of each tune that played throughout the movie and I had “Be Our Guest” stuck in my head for an entire week thereafter.

3. The original story:

It was so important that Disney not only invigorated the original story line but also correctly embodied it. Although some may say that the idea of true love was hammered home just a little too hard and the overall storyline was too lush, I argue that that is the true epitome of Disney and the heart of this story in particular.

2. The Castle:

The set of the Beast’s castle was epic. The complex exterior with its eternal, enchanted winter was dark and chilling on the exterior but it was filled with all the amazing characters Belle befriends; a symbol of the beast himself. The regal rooms and furnishings were the finishing touches that tied the intricate set together.

1. Emma Watson:

She is the best part of the movie. No ifs, ands, or buts about it: she was brilliant. From the first thirty seconds of the movie, I knew she was going to be perfect. She filled the intelligent and progressive role of Belle so perfectly it was as if she was the Disney princess in another life. Her singing was breathtaking and her full embodiment paid true homage to the original Belle.

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