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Channel Your Inner TV Diva Part 4: Juliette

Full disclosure: I hail from the land of birkenstocks and logger plaid, and it was only after my 3,000-mile leap from rainy Seattle to the tropical island of Davidson College that I was finally introduced to the daunting genre of “Southern style.” The heat and humidity were one thing. Mastering the ever-elusive distinctions between classy and overdressed or statement jewelry and modern art proved a far more challenging project, particularly when my only point of reference was a DVR’d version of “The Help.” Not surprisingly, Emma Stone’s 1960’s inspired ensembles were of little help (no pun intended)–if only I had known about Nasheville, a show overrun with country divas and southern belles demonstrating the proper use of cowboy boots, floral dresses, and lace. Take a hint from Juliette’s wardrobe for a smoother transition into the world of Southern style than my own awkward path to discovery.

This post marks the fourth installment in a Snapshot series where I search notoriously cheap stores for outfits inspired by different TV characters. This week’s picks come from: Nordstrom Rack, Go Jane, Necessary Clothing, Ruche, Forever 21, DSW, Gap, and H&M. 

So prepare your million-dollar smile and work that Southern Charm. You, grasshopper, are ready. 

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