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Campus Profile: Katie Gomulkiewicz

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Davidson chapter.

Her full name–Katherine Grace Gomulkiewicz–has as many letters as the alphabet. A child of the West Coast living in the South–her style is the opposite of pastels and Sperrys. She lives off of Diet Coke. She stopped drinking Diet Coke for a year in high school to prove she wasn’t addicted, but after making her point, she’s gone back to always having a can in hand. She is whip-smart, kind, sassy, self-assured, creative, and she knows how to get shit done. She is our Editor-in-Chief. Our fearless leader. Our plays-too-much-Taylor-Swift-at-meetings and always-professional woman in charge. She was my roommate for one year, and I still consider her one of my better friends on campus.

Name: Katie Gomulkiewicz

Major: English and Psychology with Spanish minor (“No, I know I can’t officially do that, but I have all the Spanish classes, so.”)

Favorite book: Crime and Punishment

Favorite poet: Marie Howe

Zodiac: Scorpio

Hometown: “Seattle Washington… actually Redmond. Also I hate it when I say ‘I’m from Washington’ and people say ‘DC?’ No, If I woulda meant DC, I woulda said DC.”

Relationship status: Taken af

Future goals: “Skip” (A sensitive question for a fall semester senior. But don’t be deceived, Katie has goals: teach English, publish a book of poetry, go to law school, etc.) 

Dream job: Poet with $$$

Katie has been on Her Campus e-board since the journal’s first semester at Davidson in the spring of 2014. She’s gone from Features Editor right to the top of the chain of command.

How’d you get involved in Her Campus: “I saw a poster in my dorm, went to a meeting and two weeks later I had an e-board position. Wait, don’t put that, it sounds braggy. It was just a new organization and I wanted to be involved.” 

How has Her Campus changed: “Now that we’ve been an organization on campus for a few years, we’re more established. More people know about us, read our articles, attend our events. I want to continue that in the future.”

Biggest lesson you’ve learned from being EIC: “How to deal with difficult people…No, wait, don’t put that…” *pauses* “Honestly, it’s been an amazing and humbling experiance to run Her Campus. I love all of the other strong women (and men) involved in making us a strong publication at Davidson. I’ve also learned that Doritos are the best meeting snack option to encourage attendence.”

*Author’s note: Subject’s greatest weakness: micromanages.

Favorite article you’ve written: “An Open Letter to Davidson College:”

Favorite article in general: “I don’t have a favorite. They all make me proud.” (Spoken like a true professional.)

Wisdom to impart to future Davidson women: “Don’t be afraid to be yourself and stand out on campus. Don’t be afraid to wear things that aren’t Lilly and Bojangles’…is that what those shoes are called? Be bold and speak your mind.” *pauses* “Also, Davidson can be a pressure cooker so don’t be afraid to fail (you will) and celebrate when you succeed.” 

*Author’s note: She means Jack Rogers. 

As if being EIC isn’t enough of a full-time job (it really is), Katie has been involved in countless other activities on campus. She currently holds the following titles (I’m probably forgetting a few): Copy Editor of Exit 30, Alumna of Leadership Davidson, Senior Admission Fellow, and FreeWord slam poet. She doesn’t carry around a tumbler that says “I am very busy” for nothing. 

Fun fact(s): “I have three fake teeth; once I kissed a giraffe; I’ve fed a tiger.” Katie’s the first person I’ve ever met who’s responded to this question like, oh yeah I have tons of those off of the top of my head.

We sat around for a while after the interview and caught up on life as she stole all of my favorites from my desserts to-go box. Katie’s led HC at Davidson gracefully over the past few years, developing it into an empowering and thriving publication. She wants Her Campus to be a platform that everyone has access to. Although she acknowledges there have been some bumps in the road, Katie has always responded to criticism with empathy and an honest desire to improve. I have now worked with, lived with, and laughed with Katie at Davidson and it’s been fun. 

In typical Katie fashion as we stand up to leave the room she exclaims, “How did I get a piece of toasted coconut on my shoulder?” I guess that’s what happens when you eat desserts from your friend’s to-go box. Some could call it Karma, but Katie just calls it a good thing to write a poem about. 

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