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Campus Cutie: Ramsay Ritchie

You may have seen his long legs and shirtless body running around campus, or seen his picture on the Honor Council posters. He’s super friendly, laid-back, and his winning smile might knock you over the first time you see it. This week I had the privilege of sitting down with varsity Track & Field and Cross Country athlete Ramsay Ritchie, and discovered that there is so much more to him than a pretty face. Here are all the reasons why you should get to know him:

Name – Ramsay Ritchie

Hometown – As a kid, he moved around a lot, but spent most of his younger years in Birmingham, Alabama, and now calls San Francisco home.

Year – 2018

Major – Probably Political Science

Zodiac sign – Capricorn

Hogwarts house – “Gryffindor…is that pretentious?” He totally looks like a Ravenclaw to me, but whatevs.

Relationship status – In a relationship. Sorry, ladies.

Campus activities – Track & Cross Country, Worship Team for RUF, Student-Athlete Sustainability Council, Honor Council. That’s right, he’s honorable, he’s spiritual, he’s sustainable, and he’s an athlete. What more could you want??

Favorite fandom – Lord of the Rings – “I can totally geek out about that.”

What he looks for in a girl – Goofiness, not taking yourself too seriously, someone who’s deeply compassionate, ambitious, and self-aware

Look how goofy and self-aware!

Perfect date – “It would have to be a day-long thing,” he says. He would start with hiking in a place that he cares about (he didn’t specify, but seemed to be leaning toward the Appalachian area). You’d eat lunch on the trail, then have dinner someplace casual but also really good. All this would be followed by 1-on-1 laser tag, and the final ending would involve some sort of dancing.

Dream job, regardless of salary – NatGeo photographer, photojournalist

Fave place to travel – Montreat, NC

Where he wants to travel – backpack through New Zealand

Guilty pleasure – No Air by Jordin Sparks…isn’t this everyone, though?

Fave show on TV right now – West Wing

Most interesting thing he’s done in his life so far – Worked at a Rescue Mission in Tenderloin, San Fran, CA, where he prepared food and would eat with people who came in. “It was a really profound experience,” he said.

Fave Disney movie – The Fox and the Hound

Event – 1500 meter (a little less than a mile), 800 meter (half a mile), 8K (about 5 miles). He’s a middle-distance runner, which means he absolutely hates the 8K. Best time for all of those? For the 800, 1:57. For the 1500, 3:56. That translates into about a 4:13 mile. That’s fast, y’all!

Just look at him lead that pack! 

Ultimate turn-off – Negativity

Celebrity crush – Eddie Redmayne, Emma Watson

Fave breakfast food – Egg in a Hole

Fave dessert – “I’m thinking Chikfila here, but…peach milkshakes.”

If you could be an animal – “I’ve been told I have the mannerisms and observation skills of a giraffe.”

“What do you mean by observation skills?”

“I can be totally oblivious sometimes.”

Fave color – Cerulean

So if you don’t already know him, use the next few weeks to get to know the newest Campus Cutie. 

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