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Campus Cutie: Leslie Francois ’16


This cutie from Brooklyn promises to keep you on your toes, serenading you in falsetto one second and speaking to you in Chinese the next.

Name: Leslie Francois

Class: Sophomore

Major: Undeclared, but probably Chinese Studies

Minor: None

Hometown: Brooklyn

Activities: pickup basketball, BSC, watching episodes of Fresh Prince of Bel Air                         

When I told Leslie he was this week’s Campus Cutie, his initial reaction was, “Uhhhh…I’m down.” He was surprised and humbled that he had more than a few admirers amongst the Her Campus staff and readers.

To give you all some insight into the mysterious life of this week’s cutie (and a fair chance at snagging him for yourself), here’s a breakdown of a few of Leslie’s favorite things.

Meal in the Davidson area: Fish and chips at Big Al’s. “It’s not that the food is that good, it’s that they give you so much.”

Favorite class: Education in African American Society with Dr. Kelly.

Guilty pleasure: “Haha, I have so many! I was a really big Pokémon fan when I was younger and I still know way too much about Pokémon. Let’s leave it at that. Oh, and Full House.”

Celebrity crushes:

Man crush: Kendrick Lamar

Woman crush: Alicia Keys

Hidden talent: “Most people don’t know that I’m actually kind of good at rapping. I can also sing in a high voice and do good impressions of people’s singing voices, especially Prince and Marc Cohn’s ‘Walking in Memphis.’”

Top songs on replay right now: “Paranoid” by Ty$, “Holding On For Life” by Broken Bells, “This Is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan.

So, ladies, how do you snag this guy? When asked what stands out to him when he first meets a girl, Leslie said, “First thing that I’m on the look out for is whether or not a girl is superficial.” Then, once he gets to know you he wants to see what kinds of quirks make you different. He says, “I like a girl who’s into alternate s*** outside of school. They gotta have something that’s a little bit weird, but that they’re interested in. And someone who’s not afraid to put me in my place.”

Leslie’s got a lot to offer. Down the road, he’d like to grow up to be one of two things: an artist with his own record label or the headmaster of a boarding school (he went to Deerfield Academy in MA). But right now, he’s working on a five song E.P. with classmate Colin Knight. Look out for it this spring! Leslie describes it as “rap, but not cliché rap—a little bit alternative.”

Next time you spot Leslie around campus, be sure to ask him to freestyle rap on the spot, or, if you’re lucky, he’ll serenade you with his best impression of Prince’s “Kiss.” 


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