Campus Celebrity: Edwin Pintinio

Every single day when I enter Commons, Edwin is there to greet me with a bright smile and a “Hi! How are you today?” Often he quickly hands me two plastic cups (one for my Diet Coke and one for my water), or tells me what food he thinks is particularly good for that meal. Edwin brightens all of my meals with his unending positive attitude and friendly greetings. Originally from the Philippines, he first came to the United States in 1999. Edwin has been working at Davidson College for about two years.

When I asked Edwin what he liked about his job here he said, “Everything. Everything! I really love it.” He said so far his favorite themed meal was the Downton Abbey lunch where he got to dress up in a fancy suit and serve hors d'oeuvre to everyone in Commons. The Downton Abbey lunch was just one example of a variety of themed meals that Commons has hosted this year. Other meals have included a Pirate themed meal and a Harry Potter banquet. Edwin said that he enjoys the themed days in Commons because he gets to dress up and have fun. His joy is apparent as he greets students and serves food. I am sure I am not the only student who has experienced his infectious kindness.

However, this week it is our turn as part of the Davidson community to give back to Edwin. He is raising money for a charity in Charlotte and on April 9th he will be “put in jail” as part of the fundraiser. There is a bin at the front of Commons where he is collecting donations and it would be great for the community to rally around Edwin for this event that he is so passionate about.

With his friendly smile and jovial attitude, Edwin is a worthy Campus Celebrity. I know that he truly brightens students’ day and I hope that we can return some of that joy to him.