8 Reasons You Should Watch Over the Garden Wall

1. It’s super short!

There are only 10 episodes, and each episode is only 12 minutes. That’s only two hours, just a little longer than a standard movie.

2. It’s fall themed.

While Halloween has passed us by, it’s still fall, which means it’s the perfect season to watch. Grab a pumpkin spice latte, curl up in a blanket, and enjoy.

3. It keeps you guessing.

If you think you can predict where the show will go and all the twists and turns along the way, you won’t. There’s a lot of mystery involved, and even when you think you understand what’s going on, they find a way of flipping it on you.

4. It’s dark.

It may seem like a perfectly innocent kid’s cartoon, but Over the Garden Wall manages to capture some super creepy elements, both in characters or themes. The Beast, the main villain, sends chills down your spine, and the tone of the story gets progressively more messed up.

5. The music

Kid’s cartoons are known for having cheesy tunes, and this is no exception, but the show includes a wide variety of music. There’s an opera-like song as well as silly jingles that will make you laugh. The soundtrack alone is worth checking out if you aren’t interested in the show.

6. The characters

The show gives you an interesting set of characters. A cautious teenager named Wirt, his younger, playful half-brother named Greg, an exasperated bluebird named Beatrice, and the Beast, an evil demon-like monster who lives in the Wood and seeks to prey on innocent children.

7. The message

Ultimately, the show deals a lot with aspects of childhood, growing up, family, and love. While it might not be apparent from the first couple episodes, the relationships between characters deepen and develop.

8. The animation

The show also has gorgeous animation, which is probably part of the reason it won an Emmy (in addition to its fantastic story-telling). It creates a beautiful, well-thought-out world that carries a specific tone throughout the show.

If you still aren’t convinced, look at this horse:

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