The 7 Stages of Going to Summit

Now, I'm not what you would consider a "coffee person", but once in a while, I love to enjoy a nice, basic frappe (mocha or caramel, plz) while I bury myself in mounds of homework. Since I'm too lazy to brave the walk back up the Hill, I normally satisfy my craving by heading over the nice, flat path to Summit on Main Street. Here's how it typically goes down. 

1. Finding a spot to sit. 

I could hypothetically go there at 3 am and I still wouldn't be able to find a dang seat, let alone one that's close to an outlet. 

2. Deciding what to order. 

Hot chocolate, frappé, milkshake, Glacier Gulp? Hmm. Hot chocolate it is. 

3. Remembering that this isn't Nummit and there is no avocado toast.

UGH, maybe I'll just brave the Hill next week then! 

4. Becoming hungry 10 mins after you guzzle your hot chocolate. 

Yeah, maybe you should've gone to Nummit... 

5. Awkwardly seeing your professor across the loft.

Deep breaths. If you freeze they can't see you, right? 

6. Facing the crowd of teenagers that just walked in.

I mean, I know this isn't a library or something, but can't they be just a teeny bit quieter? I got a French paper due in like, 3 hours. 

7. Finding your "zone" and becoming a productivity machine.

If you've made it this far, nothing can stop you now. Maybe go grab another hot chocolate, though. 

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