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7 Spooky Digital Stories You Need to Experience this Halloween

One of my favorite classes this semester has been Digital Literature. Throughout the weeks, we’ve looked at an array of works that challenge our assumptions of how narratives are supposed to function. From the sublime to the straight up creepy, we’ve pretty much seen and read it all. Since Halloweekend is upon us, what better time to let you in on some of my favorite ~sPoOKy~ digital stories? Brace yourself! 

1. This House Has People In It 

There’s more than meets the eye with this uncanny Adult Swim video. If you want the full story, you’ll have to do some major internet sleuthing. 


2. The Marble Hornets Series 

Inspired by the Slenderman mythos that originated on the web itself, this series spans almost 10 years and draws influences from other well known found-footage works, like The Blair Witch Project


3. Don’t Hug Me, I’m Scared

Um, there’s really no way to encapsulate this one in words. Forewarning, don’t watch this in the dark. 



Bright and shiny anime aesthetics meet the truly disturbing. 


5. Unedited Footage of a Bear 

Another Adult Swim entry, this video expands upon the universe of This House Has People in It


6. Burn the Witch

Okay, so this isn’t a work of digital literature – it’s a music video from Radiohead that retells the story of the Wickerman. Get ready to have this earworm stuck in your head for a month. 


7. Her Story 

This game puts you in the role of a detective trying to piece together a story from a series of incoherent tapes. If you liked the movie Momento, you’ll love this piece! 

Claire Biggerstaff is a senior at Davidson College where she's pursuing a major in English. Since her sophomore year, she's been heavily involved with Her Campus and has written for her school's chapter, interned with Her Campus Media, and eventually became the Editor in Chief of her home chapter. Her work as also appeared on publications like Babe.net and The Odyssey. When she's not researching news stories or holding editing workshops with her writers, you can find her enjoying an episode of The X-Files and thinking about how much she loves autumn.
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