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7 of the Best Ice Cream Spots Around Davidson

It’s never too cold outside for ice cream! Before you pack up and head home for Christmas break, make sure to satisfy your sweet-tooth in and around Davidson. Here are my 7 top choices when it comes to frozen delicacies. 

1. Ben & Jerry’s 


It would be a near shame to not include Ben & Jerrys on this list. While they may be on the pricier side, their wide variety of flavors and endless milkshake combinations more than make up for it. 

2. Summit Coffee


When you think of Summit, the first thing that probably comes to mind is coffee, but have you ever tried their milkshakes? They’re absolutely to die for, and you can get a little studying in too while you sip away. 

3. Whit’s 


No, it’s not “real ice cream”, it’s frozen custard, which is just as good – if not better! It’s one of the creamiest concoctions you might ever try! 

4. Carolina Cones 

With its retro atmosphere and menu, it’s truly one of the best places to take a group of friends! Big/Little bonding, anyone? 

5. Kilwin’s 


Off exit 25 lies Kilwin’s, nestled within the heart of Birkdale Village. They seriously have so many unique flavors, and some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet!

6. Dairy Queen 


Up in Mooresville is one of my personal favorites when it comes to ice cream chains. You really can never go wrong with a Blizzard. I mean, really. 

7. Menchie’s 


And, if you’re more of a frozen yogurt person, Menchie’s the place to go. It’s about 15 mins from Davidson, and there, you’ll find tons of fresh fruit to top off your frozen treat. Plus, they make your waffle cones right in front of you. Swoon. 

Happy snacking, collegiettes! 

Claire Biggerstaff is a senior at Davidson College where she's pursuing a major in English. Since her sophomore year, she's been heavily involved with Her Campus and has written for her school's chapter, interned with Her Campus Media, and eventually became the Editor in Chief of her home chapter. Her work as also appeared on publications like Babe.net and The Odyssey. When she's not researching news stories or holding editing workshops with her writers, you can find her enjoying an episode of The X-Files and thinking about how much she loves autumn.
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