6 Businesses I Want to See on Main Street

Main Street, Davidson is a quaint little stretch of pavement with some seriously awesome businesses. Thanks to a town law, there’s barely any chains, and each stop seems cuter than the last.

However, a stroll down Main Street sometimes leaves me wanting more - especially when I see all of the vacant storefronts. Here are the businesses I’d open up if I dropped out of school right now.

1. A Greasy Sandwich Shop

Don’t get me wrong, I know there are quite a few places to go for a good sandwich in town, but what I’m pining for is a quick, greasy, no-vegetables-allowed, blot-with-a-napkin-before-eating kind of sandwich joint. Nothing should cost over $6.

2. A Design-Your-Own Donut Bakery

I’m thinking like Duck Donuts, but with a more local feel.

3. A Thrift Store

Not only would this be a one stop shop for semi dresses, it could also be a great place to get costumes for themed parties without having to drive all the way to Target.

4. A Dive Bar

It’s about time we get something à la K Pub within walking distance. 

5. A Makeup Store

Sometimes you just need to get some last minute eyeshadow to go with your outfit.


6. Ramen Shop

College students love ramen, especially if they don’t even have to make it for themselves.

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