5 of Our Favorite USA Olympic Team Members

1. Adam Rippon

If you've been watching any of the Pyeongchang Games, you've heard about Adam Rippon and hopefully his appearance on this list comes as no surprise. Rippon is the first openly gay American athlete to qualify for the Winter Olympics. Not only has he provided captivating performances, he has gifted us with numerous one-liners that are gold medal worthy. For example, when interviewed about his impressive showing, Rippon simply commented, "I can't explain witchcraft." And let us not forget the maxim that will define our generation: "I'm a glamazon b!tch ready for the runway." Rippon will leave Pyeongchang with a bronze medal from the team skating event and with the title of America's Sweetheart. 

2. Chloe Kim

There's nothing like a seventeen-year-old winning Olympic gold to make you question your life decisions. But we love Chloe Kim anyway. Her hype music includes "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga and "MotorSport" by Migos, Cardi B, and Nicki Minaj. Additionally, in the midst of her competition, she tweeted "Could be down for some ice cream rn." A girl after our own hearts. Kim began snowboarding at age four and is the youngest female Olympic gold medalist in a snow sport. 

3. Mirai Nagasu

This Olympic season we are here for the strong women who are dominating their sports and Mirai Nagasu is one of those ladies. This is Nagasu's second time at the Olympics and this time she made history. She is the first female American figure skater to land the triple axel in Olympic competition. This outstanding performance helped Team USA secure bronze in the team figure skating event. When she's not skating, she enjoys reading, dancing, and playing with dogs. Olympians, they're just like us. 

4. Gus Kenworthy

Gus Kenworthy may not have taken the podium in Pyeongchang but he's a winner in our book. NBC televised the Freestyle Skier's kiss with boyfriend Matthew Wilkas before Kenworthy's event. Kenworthy later tweeted a picture of the smooch with this caption: "Didn't realize this moment was being filmed yesterday but I'm so happy that it was. My childhood self would never have dreamed of seeing a gay kiss on TV at the Olympics but for the first time ever a kid watching at home CAN! Love is love is love." All the feels.

5. Alexa Scimeca-Knierim and Chris Knierim

Alexa and Chris began training for pair figure skating together in 2012 and got engaged in 2014. The couple is taking home bronze in the team event. This accomplishment is even sweeter in the context of their recent struggles. In 2016, Alexa had multiple surgeries to treat a rare gastrointestinal condition. Her commitment to the sport and support from husband Chris inspired her training and earned the pair spots on the 2018 Olympic team. Do the kids still say "#relationshipgoals"?


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