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31 Things to Do While Waiting at the Airport

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Davidson chapter.

You checked in, survived the long lines at security and made it through the body scanner. You got food at a tiny version of a chain restaurant. You scrolled through your Instagram feed. And now you’re sitting in one of those connected metal chairs at your gate with three hours to wait and nothing to do. The walls around you are painted a bland white, reflecting your state of boredom. You wonder if you should dive into that reading your professor so graciously assigned you over the break. STOP RIGHT THERE. Resist the urge! It’s called break because you deserve one! So how can you spend your first few hours of freedom?

1. Call your friend with whom you haven’t talked in ages. 


2. Or call your grandma!

3. Do some online shopping.


4. Binge watch that Netflix show you’ve been neglecting. 

5. Scope out new, free music on Noisetrade.

6. Read a book you didn’t buy from the Davidson bookstore. That’s right, read a novel. For pleasure.


7. Eavesdrop. You’d be surprised to know all the strange conversations that happen in airports.


8. Memorize the world’s capitals or learn to recognize nations by their flags


9. Stalk all your exes on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Unless you’re better than that.


10. Play Flappy Bird, Candy Crush, or Temple Run. For old time’s sake.


11. Start up a conversation with that cute guy or girl sitting near you.


12. Revamp your Facebook or Twitter profile. New bio, new header, new you.


13. Research study abroad options.

14. Learn some basic phrases in a random language: Mandarin, Russian, ASL. Or one random phrase in multiple languages. Who knows? It may come in handy some day.


15. Brush up on your random facts in preparation for Summit’s next trivia night.


16. Or figure out, once and for all, what Hogwarts house you’re in.


17. Get hooked on a podcast.

18. Ride the moving walkway….

19. …and people watch. Maybe at the same time!


20. Write a story or a poem.

21. Learn another country’s national anthem. Just belt it out, right in the middle of the airport. You go, girl.


22. Write encouraging notes and leave them all over the waiting areas.


23. Buy a trashy celebrity magazine at the newsstand and see that couple-who will-be-divorced-in-a-year’s wedding pictures, “awwww” at someone’s cute new baby, and get the lowdown on the latest catfight. Because you’re not Maria Von Trapp.


24. Google beautiful houses or trendy apartments and picture yourself living there someday. 25. Think about all the kids you met in summer camp or elementary school and imagine what they might be doing at this moment


26. Google your hometown baseball team roster and decide who’s the cutest. Addison Russell, I’m looking at you.


27. Remember random things from when you were a kid.

28. Pop the Davidson bubble you’ve been living in and learn about what’s been going on in the world.


29. Whip out your markers.


30. Predict what ridiculous pumpkin spice products they’re rolling out for fall next year.


31. Write a Her Campus article

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Carlina is a junior Latin American Studies Major and History Minor at Davidson College and the founder of Davidson's Intercultural Dinner Dialogue program. She is Senior Editor and Co-Vice President of Her Campus Davidson. She is passionate about immigrant rights and is working on becoming a better ally to people of color.