11 Keys to Living with a Roommate

When I was randomly paired with a roommate my freshman year, I had no idea what to expect. I was worried that I wouldn't like the girl, or that our personalities would clash horribly. As it turns out, we are a perfect match--it's crazy, but it works.

Even so, I learned through experience several important lessons that are essential for a good (relatively sane) roommate relationship... 

Here are 11 keys to living with a roommate, according to things my roommate Naomi says. 

1. Learn (and use) their strengths. 

2. Know what they look for in a significant other.

3. Make sure they eat well (enough).

4. Make sure they sleep well (or at all).

5. Learn how to brighten their day.

6. Know what they hate. 

7. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. 

8. Support their life aspirations.

9. Respect their views.

10. Give (and take) good advice.

And finally….

11. Everyone is weird. Find the weird that you share and revel in it.

Having a roommate is a great opportunity. Lifelong friendship, a judgment-free relationship, and unconditional love are all possible. Or, you know, your roommate might be going places in this world (and you might want to tag along).

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