10 Times Hillary Dealing with Donald Was You

1. That time a dude tried to tell you that there's no need for feminism, "cuz like everyone's pretty equal and shit now."

2. That time someone tried to shoot down your really good idea with some useless drivel.

3. When a guy is trying to convince your friend he's really good in bed.

4. When you've had to sit through a whole class period (a whole educational career?) of that guy who sits in the back of class and thinks he's really smart but isn't as smart as you because Davidson has higher standards for women than for men because 50/50 gender balance and he just continuously talks and finally the professor calls on you instead.

5. That time when a boy tries to appease you before he starts talking about how "women should..." and you are having none of it but have been socialized to be polite always and self-advocate second.

6. That time when you need to remind people what. you. do.

7. When you're watching people in class jump in over each other and continually say nothing beyond "I found it interesting that..."

8. When you really can't believe after all the work you put in you have to share a stage with someone who's made a lot of money and also doesn't like to pay taxes and/or say much more than "wrong" and/or body shame women. But again you have to be polite before all else.

9. When you advocate for your girls to *that guy.*

10.  That time a guy tried to talk about temperament with you and you're like nope call me when you've experienced being delegitimized because you might be PMSing/preparing to carry the future of the human race.

**Look we can be funny all we want: but go out and vote.

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