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10 Reasons To Thank Your Older Brother

Every girl who grew up with an older brother should stop and thank him for a few things. Sure, he may have pulled your hair and put you in a few headlocks, but he actually turned you into an amazing and strong woman! Having an older brother made your world a more exciting place, even if you were pushed through walls and treated like a younger brother at times. So here is what to remember to thank him for the next time he is being annoying.

1. Thank you for being my first guy friend and for teaching me how boys (and their hobbies) operate.

You taught me all about sports, what guys like to do, and how men and their (silly) brains work. When Mom and Dad left us home alone, you were always my go-to pal and we created tons of fun…which leads me to reason two…

2. Thank you for teaching me how to have fun in innovative and sometimes dangerous ways.

Okay, maybe surfing down the stairs in laundry baskets may not have been the best idea, but every time I slammed into the front door was definitely worth the smile on my face on the way down. We may have broken every ceiling tile/light in our home, but all of our shenanigans created memories (and scars) that will last forever. 

3. Thank you for introducing me to sports.

At the time I may have complained about being dragged to every single one of your tournaments and games, but truth is, I always loved being your biggest fan. You also paved the way for me to play sports myself, and those practices and games taught me more than school ever will. Wearing your varsity jacket during winter games also made me feel super cool at the time. Truth is, I loved how everyone knew me as your little sister. Plus, you never let me look like this during gym class.

4. Thank you for showing me what to never settle for in a guy. 

You set the bar pretty high as far as it goes for men in my life, and you showed me how a man is supposed to act and behave. Every time a boyfriend walked through the door, you were the second to criticize him (after mom) and I’m sorry if I didn’t always trust your opinion at the time–you were right. You’re the reason I watch how a boy treats his mom and sister, and I learned how a man should treat me from you.

5. Thank you for your girlfriend who became my second sister.

The truth is I never liked any of your girlfriends growing up, because I didn’t want to lose my older brother to them. But since I was missing out on a sister, your girlfriends always made up for it. They helped me with everything from wardrobe traumas to boy problems. You gave me an older sister for life (it’s a good thing you have good taste).

6. Thank you for protecting me.

Sometimes a girl just needs to be protected by her threatening older brother. Even if you played pranks on me and pretended I didn’t exist in front of your friends, I know you (and your friends) always have my back. I never had to worry about creepy men coming around with you in the picture.

7. Thank you for teaching me how to be tough and competitive.

Dad was furious when he saw my imprint in the basement wall from when you pushed me through it, but boy did you teach me how to fight for myself. I became a fighter (figuratively and literally) and learned how to stick up for myself whether it was on the playground or amongst friends. Wrestling matches with you taught me how to never give up, even when I was close to tears and could not breathe. 

8. Thank you for making the parents a little more lenient with me and for teaching me how to get away with things (and for not ratting).

You were their first, so they were a little more careful raising you. They let me play in the mud more and took less pictures of me, but they also watched me less closely. All the mistakes they made the first time around were fixed by the time it was my turn! You showed them I could be independent earlier on and was capable of doing things they may not have let me do if you weren’t around first. I did things at a younger age than you did, so sorry! But thank you ;)

9. Thank you for being my biggest role-model and superhero. 

I never told you this, but you’re pretty great. You showed me that a person could be a great student, friend, athlete, and person, while balancing all of these roles graciously. I always looked up to you (not just because you were a lot taller). I was always proud to be your little sister and you made me want to be a better person. 

10. Lastly, thank you for teaching me how to laugh at myself.

Life is way too serious anyway. You taught me it was okay to point out my flaws and to accept them. Even if I didn’t appreciate the criticism and jokes at the time, you taught me how to roll with the punches and to be me in a world that sometimes tells me not to be. 

So spread your love for your older brother, he deserves it.


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