Wednesday Addams GIFs for Every Day of the Week

If you haven’t seen the Addams Family (whether the TV show or the very VAGUELY family-friendly 90s movies), then you haven’t lived. But, if you know anything about the Addams, they aren’t into living things anyways.


Without further ado, here are 7 Wednesday Addams GIFs for every day of the week.



What we all ask ourselves on Mondays TBH.



Me if you get in-between me and my coffee.



It’s fine. Everything’s fine. I swear…it’s OH-KAY.



Well, we’re gonna need a little something-something to get through to Friday.



Friday’s gonna be LIIIT!



I too spin my Frankenstein butler around on a Saturday whilst dressed like I’m in a production of goth Swan Lake, who doesn’t?



Saturday, dance away. Sunday… ugh-day.


In the words of Wednesday Addams, I’m going to close this out with a film reference.


If you’re going to eat Girl Scout cookies, always ask if they’re made with real Girl Scouts. It’s a VERY important distinction.