Turning Back Time

I used to wish that I could turn back time and change a lot of things that happened. I’d blame myself for not acting a certain way, for saying the perfect one-liner. For saying something so profound that, if life were a movie, the music would swell and the credits would roll and I’d win an award for my performance.


But, life isn’t like the movies. I don’t have a convenient DeLorean or my Tardis. I can’t snap my fingers and suddenly become the most perfect version of myself. This isn’t a TV show where I do a spin and become a superhero. I don’t have a sidekick. I just have me.


It took me a while to get used to that idea, that I couldn’t change everything. They’d haunt me, the things I didn’t do.


Eventually, I don’t know what changed. Maybe I “grew up” (whatever that means). But I learned that, ultimately, those situations and events made me ME. 


I am my experiences, but they are just pieces of me. Like my memories, my joys, my sorrows, my ups and downs. I am me.


The time I have now, I must use to accept myself.