Stop Counting Time -- Make it Count

Magazines, digital or otherwise, really like headlines that tell you success comes when you’re young, don’t they? It’s always CHILD PRODIGY or THIRTY UNDER THIRTY or CHASING THE DREAM AT SEVENTEEN.

     Growing up, I sincerely thought that success had to happen, and it had to happen yesterday. I wouldn’t have had the ambition to do a lot of things if I didn’t have that giant pit of worry telling me that I had to hurry up. I had deadlines. People to meet, places to be, and more meetings to schedule on top of that.

    But I kept getting older. The ages in the headlines seemed to stay the same. I passed twelve. Well, there goes the whole child prodigy deal. I grew out of my teenage years. Wait, how can I be a teen idol now? They were silly things. Little things.    

    Tiny dreams in the back of my mind that drifted a little further away.

    You want to know something? There’s no expiration date on success. There’s no guarantee buy-by date either. Success comes in waves, sizes, and sometimes, it seems like it doesn’t come at all. That isn’t true.

    You got up this morning. That’s a victory.

    You’re able to read this article. That’s an accomplishment.

    You’re alive. You’re breathing. You’re existing in this world of ours and making an impact, no matter how small or large or anywhere in-between.

    Yeah, yeah, I know. Some of you will roll your eyes and say, “yeah, so what’s the big message then? Is it ‘enjoy your loved ones while they’re here’? Is it ‘the true spirit of humanity is being together?’ Where’s the big sell? Where’s the last hurrah?”

    I can’t tell you the answer to any of those. Nobody in this world can give you the perfect answer you seek. Why do so many scientific studies end with ‘…we have a sort-of answer, but we still need to get more data on this topic before we’re certain’?

    We’re all just going through this life guessing. Success is something different to anyone. To me? It was just the ability to be truly, deeply happy for more than a single day. To you, maybe it’s to start a family. Maybe it’s to change the world.

    I wish you the best. But remember this line. My dad loaned me this advice.

    “Don’t wish away time to go faster or slower. Time will always go on. It’s your job to just enjoy the ride.”

    So? Enjoy it!