A Poem for Week 10

Time flows by relatively quickly here

like a vacuum, a space with neither light nor sound

and you blink and suddenly

-lights up, curtains down-

the time spent here is already coming to a close.


And you walk, one day on cement, the next on leaves that crackle like fire

and beneath your feet, the pavement’s slick with ice

and you look up from the music blaring in your ears

and you smile and wave at someone you knew.

They remember your name, and you remember them too.


And the chapters fly by and the words and the charts and diagrams

and knowledge, so many lines of knowledge crammed in so little time

and, occasionally, some tidbit or other interests you

and sometimes, it’s hard to decipher your purpose

and the outside world bleeds into the inner

and you get sick or cold with fever, but still…


-lights up, curtains down-

then you find yourself centerstage, other times

the villain, other times

the sidekick

each a player trying to find their place on the stage, but the page

doesn’t always match up to the script’s idea of the lines

that are crammed into your mind in only ten weeks


just breathe.

it’s easy to forget, as the curtain call sounds…

just breathe

and the world is a hum of energy and schedules and clock-in-and-clock-out

just breathe

when it’s all overwhelming, it’s easy to forget…

to breathe.

to eat.

to sleep.

to live at all.


But as the end rolls around and the fire of autumn dulls to the ice

and the rain beats on

 and the world disappears

under the blanket of snow

your heart warms because, on the inside at least,

you’re filled with determination or maybe… curiosity

what’s next?

only one way to find out.