Please Ask Me

When you see me at a restaurant staring at a menu and looking lost…

When you see me at an event with free food, but I am not taking anything…

When you see me reading labels of every snack I eat…


Please ask me why.


I want to explain to you why I have decided to cut out meat, fish, eggs and any kind of dairy products from my diet. I will give you the answer that I constantly give: “Oh, it’s just ethical and environmental reasons.”  


Usually, people will just take that answer in with a nod and smile. Then they move on with their lives without thinking about it again.


Please ask me again why.


I don’t want to bother you. I don’t want to be that vegan that is trying to tell everyone around her that animal products are oh-so-bad. Yet, I would like to explain it to you.


So, please ask me why.


I will tell you that a pound of meat uses 2,400 gallons of H2O, which is the equivalent of six months of showers!

I will tell you that your beloved cheese also uses 2,500 liters per one big piece.

I will tell you that the carbon footprint of cows will shock you.

I will tell you to look at this comparison of the animal products versus cars in terms of their Carbon Dioxide emmission.


I will tell you to think about the amount of land we have to use for one kilo of meat versus one kilo of vegetables.  


Do you want me to go on? Then please, ask me again why I cut out all animal products from my diet. I will happily explain it to you.


I am not trying to shame you for eating meat or eggs or cheese. I am just trying to explain to you what kind of impact this industry has on our planet.


Personally, I do not think that bacon on my burger loaded with cheese is worth it.  

So maybe, ask yourself: Maybe you can do a meatless Monday? Maybe you can do one meal a day that is plant-based? Trust me, the planet will thank you.