No Wonder Americans Don’t Like Vegetables

I think I know why Americans don’t like their vegetables. 

Because. It has no f*cking seasoning! 

Salt? Pepper? The basic pillars of cooking? None of those, let alone five-spice, white pepper, paprika, or cumin. 

They just steam a bunch of broccoli and call it a “side.” 

It doesn’t even deserve to be a “side.” 

Just something for someone with no taste buds. 

Don’t get me wrong, unlike most people, I love the original taste of all vegetables (except bitter melon), but I wouldn’t mind some seasoning either. 

If they actually fry the vegetables in a pan, they add some weird overly sweet sauce to it. Basically, American’s way of flavoring their food is through heavy sauces. 

Barbeque. Buffalo. Sweet and sour. Teriyaki. Sweet chili. 

All taste like liquid sugar. 

How did they live so long without sesame oil, rice vinegar, garlic powder, and onion powder? 

I really don’t know. 


But I sure miss my vegetables back home.