On Music and Memory

I remember long hours studying into the night in high school where I just didn’t want to study anymore. I often ran on maybe 3-5 hours of sleep a night, and coffee in the morning wasn’t exactly the lifestyle I wanted to live. 


However, I have a very distinct memory that I cling onto even now. Of opening up a video for “La Vie en Rose”, the Armstrong version, and closing my eyes and just smiling like a fool. It made me sincerely happy. From miserable to happy, in just the course of a single song. 


Music transports you so easily. Ever hear a song that played during a middle school dance? You immediately turn into an awkward eleven year old when it plays again, right?


I’ve heard people tell me how songs changed their life. And they do. So much of our memory is wrapped up in sensory perception. How something tastes. Sounds. Smells. 


We remember how we felt so much more than the actual words spoken during an important moment. There’s something beautiful about that. 


I guess remember that next time you play that favorite song during some crucial moment in your life. You never know what song might “change your life forever”.