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Midterms Season Summed up in Gilmore Girls GIFs

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Dartmouth chapter.

Happy that midterms are almost over? Stressed about finals in T-2 weeks? Enjoy these Gilmore Girls GIFs that sum up life on the quarter system. 

Trying to find the energy to finish that term paper: 

…And attempting to give yourself a pat on the back when it’s finally done, but you’re exhausted: 

When you’re stressed about that cumulative final: 

Quizzing yourself on 3 weeks worth of lectures you thought you’d memorized: 

When you actually make it to the exam: 

But then getting to reward yourself when it’s all over… 

Either by having a wild celebration…

Or with just a whole lot of pizza…

You can’t really go wrong either way,

Aishu Sritharan

Dartmouth '20

Aishu Sritharan is a member of the Dartmouth College class of 2020.