The Lost Glamour of Movie Theaters

To be honest, I cannot tell you what the last movie I watched in a movie theater was. It might have been The Incredibles 2 last summer.

That was a long time ago.

Going to the movies with my family used to be a really fun experience. We decided on a movie together, got into our and drove to the movie theater. After buying the movie tickets, my favorite part arose: Getting candy for the movie.

In Germany, there were these big things (for a lack of better words since I have no idea what they are actually called) that had different compartments with candy that you could take yourself into a paper bag.

My favorites were the green, sour ones. I would pack the bag to the top, while the rest of my family was getting some popcorn (that, by the way, is always sweet in Germany).

Loaded with candy, popcorn and possibly some drinks (though we would never go overboard on that because who wants to go to the bathroom in the middle of the movie?!), we walked into the theater.

The screen was covered by a huge red or blue curtain. The seats were soft and comfortable.

It was always difficult to not eat all the candy while the commercials for other movies were being played, but I was careful about that.

Then, I was transported to another time or place or even universe. The screen felt so big that I had no choice but to feel like I was part of the movie and the surround system just added to that experience.

Today, I just sit on my bed with a laptop and maybe some headphones to watch the movies.

What happened? I am not sure.

Maybe I got too lazy to go. I do not know.

I want to go to the movies more often. I want to support that industry so that it does not just stay a distant memory.

I can tell you one thing: if there was a movie theater that had a screening of Game of Thrones every Sunday night, I would know where to watch the new season ! ;)