The Importance of Asking

In the busy life of college students, it is easy to pass by someone you know while just nodding and maybe giving them a tired smile. Yet, a simple question of just asking “Hey, how are you?” can make a difference.

Next time, you see someone you know, ask them how they are doing.

And mean it.

When they give you the typical “Oh, I am fine, how are you?”, then ask them again. Go deeper than the superficial conversations that we barely pay attention to.         Asking someone is easy and does not cost you anything, but it can brighten their day and form a real connection.

It is easy to be overlooked or to overlook others in our hectic days. Especially for that reason, it is vital to stop yourself from doing that every now and then.

I have been taking a wellness and mindfulness course called “Thriving at Dartmouth” and one of the things we learned is the importance of focusing on something positive in your life instead of always focusing on the negatives. Ask your acquaintance or friends what the best thing is that happened to them today or during the last week. This will get them thinking and possibly put a smile on their face, as they are reflecting on the positive events of their past few days. Trust me, this will make your and their day better!