How to Flirt Correctly... According to Game Of Thrones


On last week’s episode of Game of Thrones, we saw how different characters were dealing with the big battle that was awaiting them. Some of them had a nice fireside chat (still not over that Brienne-moment!). Others did some ~things~ they wanted to do before they died (talking to you Arya).

As always, love was involved in most of these scenarios and we saw some pretty interesting ways of how these characters were flirting with each other. Here are some of my favorite ways:


1. Arya

Arya approaches Gendry and start to talk to him about weapons and fighting. Now, I am not sure how realistic it is for you to walk up to your crush and subtly tell him how many people you have killed, but I think our takeaway here is that you should talk to your crush about things you are good at to tell him/her how you have succeeded at such things.


2. Brienne

Her way of flirting was similar to that of Arya: talk about war tactics. These girls sure have some interesting ways of flirting, but they seem to be working! Our takeaway here is to impress your crush with knowledge about a topic that you both are interested in.


3. Tormund

He showcases two different flirting techniques and I am pretty sure one seems to be working better than the other. At first, he is talking about how he got strong… by drinking giant’s milk. Hmmm… I am not sure how happy Brienne was about hearing that. She seemed rather shocked. The takeaway is to maybe not talk about the ~specific~ details of your gym routine, but just stick to the fact that your crush will notice that you are physically strong… Next, he said one of the best quotes from the season so far: “If I were a king, I’d knight you ten times over”. Now, that is how you get someone to fall in love with you! Though… Jaime did a bit better than Tormund.


4. Jaime

While Tormund was just talking about how he WOULD knight Brienne, Jaime takes matters into his own hand and… well… actually knights her! Our takeaway? Don’t just be about beautiful (but empty) words, show your crush some action - maybe you can fulfill their lifelong dream?


5. Gendry

Last, but not least, we have Gendry. We should trust him with his flirting techniques, because it clearly worked well for him! For starters, he is creepily staring at Arya practicing with weapons... That is not the best way, in my humble opinion, because you should not be creepily watching your crush from the dark shadows. Arya is doing well here though, because she probably knows he is watching her, so she is showing off a bit, which is great in this case! Next, Gendry is talking about getting his blood sucked out and Arya just wants to know how many women he has been with. That is a very ~interesting~ way of flirting. Hmmmm I am not sure what the takeaway is here… Maybe we should not trust Gendry with his flirting techniques after all.


Those were some of the ways, I saw the characters flirt with each other and I hope you learned something! ;)