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EASY Changes in Your Makeup Routine to Help the Environment

If you know me, you know that I love makeup! I will get up twenty minutes earlier just so that my mascara is looking good in the morning, because I love taking that time for myself. I am also trying to not harm the environment, but makeup routines can produce a lot of unnecessary plastic. Check out these tips on how to minimize plastic during your makeup routine:


Makeup Routine

  1. Use a microfiber cloth to remove your makeup. I have been using it forever and it removes all makeup (even waterproof mascara!) Bonus: you save money because you do not have to buy cotton pads or makeup remover anymore.

  2. Use a reusable towel like this one from the BodyShop to clean off foundation.

  3. When you use Q-Tips, use some that do not use plastic, but paper.

  4. Whenever you use facemasks, don’t go for sheet masks, but go for once that you can make yourself like this one from May Lindstrom, because then you can mix it yourself and do not have to waste plastic every time you use a mask.

  5. Go to Lush, because they have cleansers and shampoos without any plastic wraps. If you do use their toothpaste or conditioner, you can bring back the package and they will reuse it. Bonus: If you bring them 5 used bags, you can get a free facemask!

  6. Pay attention to the fact if your makeup products include microplastic – if it does, don’t buy it. 


Now put on that facemask and relax – while helping the environment!


Paula is the Social Media manager for Her Campus at Dartmouth College. In addition to managing the social media platforms, she enjoys writing about Health, Beauty and Food. Paula is originally from Germany, but lived in London during 8th Grade, attended High School in New York City and has now been attending Dartmouth College for the last 2 years. She is extremely passionate about her YouTube Channel (Paula Joline) and her Instagram account (@paula.joline_nyc), where she enjoys telling people in Germany about life in America and people in the United States about what it is like to go to college.
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