The Cutest Animal GIFs You Need To Get You Through Week 8

I get it. It's week 8 at Dartmouth and things are getting really stressful. We all need to take some time for ourselves and one good way to destress is to look at some adorable animals. I searched through the Internet until I found the cutest animal GIFs, so here you go: 

1. How can you not fall in love with this cutie? Look at his ears!  

2. How can you not fall in love with these cuties? 

3. This is a mood... 

4. I would love a massage right now!

5. Are you more of a cat person? This little kitty believes in you! 

6. Can it get more wholesome than this? 

7. I just want to cuddle him!

8. My heart is about to explode! 

9. Who knew that hedgehogs could be so adorable? 

10. I relate to this hamster... Stress-eating is a thing! 

I truly hope that these GIFs were able to put a smile on your face during these stressful times!